Improving Your Mobility as a Senior

One of the many common aging problems is immobility. Aging adults who suffer from immobility or mobility issues can follow a carefully structured, moderate physical activity program that can help improve their condition. Seniors can reap a lot of benefits from regular physical activity. One health care service in Illinois that our agency provides is mobility assistance.

As people get older, reduced mobility can raise the risk of disability, disease, and even death. So how can seniors improve their mobility effectively? Try these five easy methods:

  • Exercise and Stay ActiveExercising regularly remains to be the best way to combat immobility. Be sure to do recommended exercises with a physical therapist or other professional help.
  • Assisted Living Community or In-Home Mobility AssistanceHaving the right person or community that can help you with everyday tasks, such as hygiene practices, medical care, and nutrition will definitely boost your mobility.
  • Maintain a Healthy WeightObesity can weaken your legs to the point of immobility. This is why maintaining a healthy weight is essential for continued mobility during your senior years.
  • Stretch RegularlyStretching regularly creates a better bodily function, increases blood flow, decreases pain, and enhances mobility.
  • Be Extra CarefulFall-related injuries can surely hinder mobility. Avoid falls by using mobility-assisting devices, wearing comfortable footwear, clearing out clutter, and having your hearing and vision regularly checked.

These are some of the ways seniors can do to improve their mobility. Remember, asking for help is never a sign of weakness. Availing of our home care services in Westchester, Illinois can also be one of the methods you can follow to ease immobility.

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