Personal Care for People with Dementia

When dementia or Alzheimer’s disease progresses to its late or severe stage, the person affected will need assistance to maintain their hygiene. Daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming become harder for them and, in some cases, family members are also not able to take care of these personal needs. In this situation, you can ask the help of caregiving companies such as ours that are offering home care services in Westchester, Illinois.

As a provider of health care service in Illinois, we share with you the following tips on how to provide personal care for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s:

  • BathingTo make the person comfortable with you assisting them, follow their lifelong habits when it comes to taking a bath. Moreover, it is important to never leave them alone in the bathroom since they might slip on the wet floor or get confused as to their surroundings.
  • DressingIf they still can, allow them to choose what they want to wear for the day. You can, however, help them by laying out outfit choices that are apt for the weather or the activity for the day.
  • Grooming.Encouraging people with dementia or Alzheimer’s to brush their teeth, put on makeup, shave, style their hair, or get a haircut can make them feel like themselves again.

Benevolence Home Services LLC offers dementia care to help your family take care of an elderly loved one who is affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We also have other services such as a home maker, live-in care, and companionship.

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