Preventing Slips and Falls at Home

Slips and falls account for most hip injuries in the United States. This is even riskier for seniors who have troubles with balance, coordination, and mobility. A slip or fall may result in injuries or even fatality. As a provider of health care service in Illinois, we always advocate for fall prevention at home.

Here are some of the home safety tips we advise our clients:

  • Remove hazards that may cause trips and falls
    These hazards can include clutter such as boxes, electrical cords, and newspapers in the walkways or furniture such as coffee tables, plant stands, and magazine racks in high traffic areas.
  • Immediately clean up spilled liquids, grease, food, or debris from the floor
    It helps to add caution signs to indicate wet areas or debris if the floor is not dry or cleared yet.
  • Light up your walkways and living spaces
    Prevent slips and falls by ensuring that your stairways and walkways are well-lit
  • Repair loose floorboards and worn carpeting immediately
    Anyone can trip over the gaps in loose floorboards or slip from worn-down carpeting
  • Install nonslip mats and strips in frequently wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen
    You may also add handrails by the bathtub, shower, or toilet to provide support.

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