Proven Tips to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

In 2019, 121,499 deaths from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) were documented in the United States, making it the fifth-leading cause of fatalities among American older adults. As a dedicated provider of dementia and home care services in Westchester, Illinois, we at Benevolence Home Services LLC work diligently to address the unique needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some scientifically proven tips to help your elderly loved ones lower the risks of AD:

  • Prepare Mediterranean MealsA Mediterranean diet may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s or impede its development. This diet includes whole grains, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, healthy fats (e.g., olive oil, nuts), small amounts of red meat, and moderate amounts of dairy, eggs, red wine, and poultry.
  • Engage in Intellectual ActivitiesWhether reading, playing word games, sudoku, or puzzles, brain-stimulating activities can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s. You may try learning new things like a musical instrument to keep the mind active. Plus, these activities also boost your social engagement.
  • Stay Physically ActiveThere’s resounding evidence that regular exercise can ward off Alzheimer’s disease. This is because physical activity improves blood flow to the brain. Ask your doctor or any provider of health care service in Illinois to determine which exercises are good for you.

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious public health issue. Anyone diagnosed with this condition requires extensive and compassionate care to help them live a quality life. If you need a trained caregiver, home maker, or companion for your loved ones with dementia, please leave us a message at any time.

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